Looking Back on 2021

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As we move into a bright new 2022, we are reflecting on the achievements of Turas Press writers during the last year. We were delighted to publish four titles in 2021:        

Liz McSkeane’s fourth poetry collection, Learning to Tango, was published in May.

Anamaría Crowe Serrano’s Spanish Civil War novel, In The Dark came out in June.

Ross Hattaway’s fourth poetry collection, Plain was published in October. 

Jo Burns’ second poetry collection, Brink also came out in October.

Launch of Brink and Plain

The work of both Jo and Ross is familiar to Turas Press readers, as these are the second collections we have published from both. Ross Hattaway’s How to Sleep with Strangers was published in late 2017, and White Horses by Jo Burns was released in 2018.

As Turas Press has not yet returned to in-person launches, we  prepared a special launch video to mark the publication of these two intriguing collections. You can watch Jo and Ross discussing and reading from their work on our YouTube channel hereFeel free to comment, like and subscribe! 


In The Dark Praise forAnamaria Crowe Serrano’s stunning novel In The Dark came out in June. It’s set during the Spanish Civil war and you can read this article by Anamaría Crowe herself, published in Books Ireland Magazine, about the background to the novel.

This interview with Hilary White in the Saturday Review section of the Irish Independent explores the intriguing family connection that inspired the novel. And on RTE radio’s Miriam on Sunday, Anamaría discussed the book with Miriam O’Callaghan.


Learning to Tango, Liz McSkeane’s new collection of poetry, came out in June of last year.

Learning to Tango poetry collection Liz McSkeaneIf you would like to get a flavour of the collection, check out the launch video on our YouTube channel. Or you can hear Liz reading one of her poems from the collection on the Words Lightly Spoken podcast.

As always, if you would like to buy these or any other Turas Press books, visit our online bookstore or, if you are in Ireland, one of the many super independent bookstores around the country. If they don’t have the book you want in stock, they can order it for you. 

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