Snow at the Opera House, Liz McSkeane
“Snow at the Opera House,” Liz McSkeane, Dublin: New Island, 2002
ISBN 1-902602-93-5 Irish poetry with an international flavour.  
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contemporary Irish poetry by Liz McSkeane
“So Long, Calypso,” by Liz McSkeane, Dublin: Turas Press, 2017
ISBN 978-0-9957916-0-2 Contemporary Irish poetry: third collection from award-winning poet and novelist, Liz McSkeane. "In poems of both expressive energy and technical skill, she lays bare an underlying order that most of the time we only guess at....Hard-won insights here, compassion and a measure of clear-eyed joy, sustained and framed for us in humane, beautifully-achieved poems." Paula Meehan    
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