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Back From Away by Damien B. Donnelly


ISBN: 9781913598532

Release date: May 8th, 2024

Back from Away is a bold, courageous, often poignant evocation of the many ways in which the poet’s literal journeys – both leaving, and returning, home – are accompanied by a voyage into the self. With wit and humour, sometimes seasoned with a dash of sadness, the collection explores the challenges of childhood and young adulthood, encompassing adoption, emerging sexuality, relationships. Back from Away brims with insight into the individual’s quest for authenticity in a complex world. 



Back from Away is full of inventive, even shape shifting poems revelling in lush imagery, the perfect balance of this exciting and vividly realised collection, away speaking to back, the delights and sorrows of childhood and adolescence foreshadowing a questioning and questing maturity , the narrow canals and narrower canal boat home of the young man giving way to the open  sea at Lusk and Rush, along with the poet’s skilful and assured touch, means that what the reader is encountering is not so much perfect poems as powerful elegies. 

Linda McKenna


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