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Alchemy by Fiona Perry


Début collection of poetry from Northern Ireland poet Fiona Perry.

ISBN 978-1-913598-12-9

Alchemy is an intriguing and compelling début collection of contemporary poetry from a poet who is already strikingly in command of her craft. Mingling daily life with the numinous, these poems reflect on love and loss, on the milestones of lived experience. These poems travel through time and space: from the magic  of ancient birds in a New Zealand landscape, to the intensive care ward where a loved one lies dying; from the daily round of household tasks, to the dreamworlds where memory, imagination and reality merge.

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Praise for “Alchemy”

“Perry’s sumptuous collection shifts through memory, family and nature with consummate ease, journeying through vivid landscapes whilst describing in unflinching detail formative events and places.”

                                                                                    Glen Wilson

“Skilfully interweaving sensuous imagery, wry humour and poignant retrospection, Perry dazzles with dalliances into he mythical, and her own vividly-imagined other worlds.”

                                                                                    Anne Casey

“Evocative imagery and a distinctive voice are hallmarks of this vivid and multifaceted collection.”

                                                                                                                        Ross Thomson

“Alchemy” brings a vibrant new voice to contemporary poetry that illuminates interior worlds,  yet does not shrink from tackling the social challenges of our time.



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