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Brink by Jo Burns


Brink is a work that bears witness to a world hovering on the edge of crisis, yet sees hope in the compassion and empathy in personal relationships that forge the unbreakable bonds that bind us. From her vantage point of the post-truth, pandemic-afflicted present, Jo Burns turns her fierce analytical powers to the impact of propaganda and conspiracy theories on public and private discourse. Her unwavering eye roves over the bloody history of the 20th century, seeing our only hope in the personal connections which give promise for the future.

These arresting poems are imbued with the multi-layered, highly textured craft of a poet at the height of her powers, committed to engaging with the most urgent questions of our time.



Cover of Brink poetry book by Jo Burns front and backISBN 978-1-913598-24-2  64 pages    October 2021

“The poems in Brink are charged with an exceptional weight, gravity and heft.”   Eleanor Hooker

“These are poems of humility, and vital reading for our times.”   Helen Mort. 

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