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Everything Gathers Light by Eithne Lannon



Everthing Gathers Light front cover of poetry collection by Eithne Lannon

Everything Gathers Light – a delicate and profound collection of poetry, beautifully crafted, from a poet at the height of her powers.

“Eithne Lannon’s second collection, Everything Gathers Light, is a primer of discovery and revelation. The poems meticulously dissect moments of everyday experience, freezing time as they unpeel every layer of perception and emotion, and patiently unveiling a natural world that is seamlessly integrated with our day-to-day lives. Anchored in the rivers and seascapes of North County Dublin, the precision of the language sets a spark of recognition that is universal, thereby reinforcing the sense that one of the primary ambitions of outstanding poetry must be to take the reader home.”                                Maurice Davitt


ISBN 9781913598464   Paperback 68 pages





Full cover of poetry collection by Eithne Lannon

Everything Gathers Light is the second collection of poetry from the renowned Dublin poet, Eithne Lannon. Her first collection, Earth Music, published by Turas Press in 2019, was shortlisted for the 2021 Shine Strong Award. In this exquiste new collection, the poet deepens her immersion in the themes of history, place, as well as the personal challenges of confronting and accepting losses common to all human experience..

“Everything Gathers Light  revels in the natural world while revealing intimate, personal experience. Exquisite use of language delivers architectural symphonies in line and form. Everything Gathers Light throbs a lover’s tenderness yet burns with a fierce, insistent flame. Ultimately, these poems are acknowledgement that comes when ‘you know the flesh/is always more than what is visible’ (Rowing in Eden). Above all, they confirm a poet at the height of her powers.”       Eileen Casey

“Each poem in Everything Gathers Light is in and of itself a thin place, a numinous energy, a porous veil. Forget for a moment about the exquisite use of language or how skilfully it’s deployed and embrace each poem’s invitation to enter ‘through the mud wall/with gapped patterns a world where beauty and sorrow are mediated through an encounter with what is both within and beyond us.” Anne Tannam


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