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Highland Boundary Fault by Emma McKervey


ISBN: 9781913598563

Highland Boundary Fault is a daring and immersive odyssey that draws the reader into a mesmerising medley of myth, history, art, and a love story that travels from the Outer Hebrides to the Scottish mainland. The wild landscapes of the Highlands, the shipyards of Greenock on the Clyde estuary, the ancient worlds of story, are peopled by a cast of characters who are both archetypes, and flesh and blood, fantastical and familiar, their endeavours and struggles awakening our deepest memories and longings.   



McKervey is sharp as winter. Her poems of Scottish folklore, myth, family, and strange beasts, came at me like howling winds, lifting me up and down the highlands, islands, coasts, caves, lochs and bogs of history and imagination. This is a tonic of a book – rattling, cleansing, energising. Over and over again, Highland Boundary Fault transforms the ordinary past into the sphere of the magical and the darkly medicinal.

Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Poet & Editor

 Highland Boundary Fault  draws so much into itself: the inheritances of language on either side of the sheuch, the gods and myths that occupy the land and the imagination, the storms and geology of the past.

Alistair Heather, Scottish journalist, poetry podcaster, BBC presenter


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