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How to Sleep with Strangers, Ross Hattaway, Dublin:Turas Press 2017.


ISBN 978-0-9957916-1-9

These are innovative, contemporary poems that both entertain, and challenge readers to examine assumptions and stereotypes. Hattaway’s laconic and playful tone often lulls the reader into a false sense of security, until he expertly delivers the incisive line or phrase that stops us in our tracks. Funny, often poignant, always compelling, How to Sleep with Strangers is a triumph of wit and wisdom.

Cover Image by Paul Hattaway

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‘ “How to Sleep with Strangers” is a mix of directness and obliquity both alarming and reassuring – like the idea of fate. These poems play and pun, and sometimes come close and whisper something terribly sad and shocking in your ear.’

Elizabeth Knox


“Strangers is an examination of parameters and possibilities. It explores spaces, concrete and metaphysical, easily moving between the natural and the man-made…Strangers will leave you with a curiously angry smile on your face as Hattaway chooses to answer life with whimsy in places, but bemoans the certitude of heartache as well. ”       Colin Dardis

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