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In The Dark by Anamaría Crowe Serrano


ISBN: 978-1-913598-16-7

Release Date: June, 2021

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Terual, north-east SIn the Dark novel by Anamaria Crowe Serranopain, winter, 1937. The civil war is raging, pitting neighbour against neighbour, tearing families apart. Franco’s  Nationalist rebels have surrounded the devastated, Republican-held city.  This is the story of a house, of the people who take refuge there – and a dangerous secret within. María and her sister Julita mourn their lost loved ones and try to bury their differences. But only one person knows the secret of the house, hidden deep in the dark– a deserter from the conflict, a soldier who has dared to leave the fighting to come home – and the woman who dares to protect him. 



Front cover Novel In The Dark

In The Dark is a heart-rending tale of a house, two sisters, the daily hardships of survival during war, and the struggle to extract truth from a multitude of truths. 



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