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In The Dark by Anamaría Crowe Serrano


ISBN: 978-1-913598-16-7     310 pages     June 2021

Longlisted for the Republic of Conciousness Prize, 2022

Terual, north-east SIn the Dark novel by Anamaria Crowe Serranopain, winter, 1937. The civil war is raging, pitting neighbour against neighbour, tearing families apart. Franco’s  Nationalist rebels have surrounded the devastated, Republican-held city.  This is the story of a house, of the people who take refuge there – and a dangerous secret within. María and her sister Julita mourn their lost loved ones and try to bury their differences. But only one person knows the secret of the house, hidden deep in the dark– a deserter from the conflict, a soldier who has dared to leave the fighting to come home – and the woman who dares to protect him. 

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Front cover Novel In The Dark

Praise for In The Dark

“A lyrical, richly textured novel of great beauty and depth that pulses with humanity and love amid the heartbreak and desolation of war…A graceful, impactful, insightful read.”  Lisa Harding

“A heart-breaking, fiercely honest and formally daring novel.”  Paddy Woodworth

“In The Dark tells the story of how men all but destroy Spain during its civil war – but the women waiting at home hold the country’s jagged pieces together. This is historical fiction with the pulse of life in it.”      Martina Devlin

 “A stellar and compelling Spanish Civil War novel cum love story. Never mind an ending which bequeaths more than a sting—something more like a whiplash—to a mighty tale.”   Anthony Glavin

 “A polyphonic prose poem…a tense, psychological thriller.”  Mary Morrissy

“Crowe Serrano guides the spotlight way from those who manage the war and onto those who manage in a war.” Keith Payne




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