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Inside Out by Julie-Ann Rowell


Inside Out front cover of poetry collection by Julie Ann Rowell Inside Out     The poems in this remarkable collection offer a fearless account of an individual grappling with the physical, emotional and social challenges of living with chronic illness. FND – Functional Neurological Disorder – is a disorder in the functioning of the nervous system, whose symptoms include a variety of physical, sensory and cognitive symptoms such as seizures, dizziness, chronic pain, speech impairment, paralysis. The poet documents her journey from diagnosis, through hospitalisation, discharge and eventual recovery. Inside Out is a moving and uplifting testament to the resilience of the human body and spirit.

“This beautiful collection of poems tells us two stories: one about a body that ‘tumbles, drowns /… [is] in mortal trouble’ and another about an inner self which, albeit wounded, continues to feel ‘charmed’, finding both beauty and love in the world. I was moved on every page.”      Tom Sperlinger

“Julie-ann Rowell tenders a document of self-examination and self-disclosure, astonishing for the record it keeps of struggle and recovery.”     Thomas Lynch

ISBN: 9781913598433    Paperback  92 pages  




Inside Out full cover front and back poetry collection by Julie Ann Rowell

Inside Out – a compelling new collection from Julie-Ann Rowell.

“These poems are a defiant show of resilience against drowning. There are shared stories, none of them easy. There is light, and Rowell finds it in unexpected places. These poems had to be this strong, they are her lifeboat.”  Martin Figura

“There is no special pleading here and no calling out for sympathy. The poet speaks in her own name but also speaks compellingly on behalf of other sufferers who would not have her stylistic and dextrous way with words. Incredibly, her riveting epic sweep through her troubles is leavened with humour.”     Eamonn Lynskey


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