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Noble Rot by D.S. Maolalai




ISBN 9781913598273   100 pages                May, 2022. 

“There’s a gorgeous vulnerability to D.S. Maolalai’s Noble Rot. These poems, rich in variety and location, capture an accumulation of small moments and gestures that reflect back to us the inevitable progression of time – I guess this is my first shot at becoming old, really. Whether set in Canada, Kilbarrack, Istanbul, the poet, with seemingly singular intention, returns again and again to small, local, incidental details that one suspects his younger self might have missed, which  alchemise the fleeting experience into something precious and lasting. The down-to-earth tone and language used throughout gifts the reader an intimacy.  A full-bodied read, Noble Rot will have you calling for another, and another round.”  Anne Tannam

“…a joy to read and flowering with hues of good edits, delicate Irish turn of phrase and lovingly hand stitched through a talanted poetic edge. “Michelle Moloney King, Beir Bua Press

“The poet [ ] stands impassively at the centre of his spinning world, quietly recording the whirlwind through time and place. These poems contemplate the fabric of life, placing situations and happenings into the pattern of that fabric. if you can still your mind to his pace of calm noticing, it will take you to a world of thrilling detail.” Melissa Todd, The Journal



These poems, alternately witty and poignant, trace the journey of a young poet as he moves into a new stage of life  musing on the challenges and joys of the present and the uncertain and exciting future. The form, which reflects the writers staccato, ever-changing mood, mimics chaos but in reality is carefully crafted and controlled. An engaging, exhuberant collection.

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Dimensions 21.5 × 14.8 × .7 cm


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