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Northly by David Toms


Poem by David Toms from his collection Northly published by Turas Press
ISBN 978-0-9957916-8-8
This is beautifully crafted poetry, contemporary in its themes yet timeless in its evocation of the traveller through space and time. “Northly” creates a stunning sensory and pictorial experience in pitch-perfect tone, of the landscape, history and language of these northern lands, and our place within it.
“Toms reminds us that we are constantly resolving ‘in new voices/what time dissolved.'”
Anamaría Crowe Serrano



Northly contemporary Irish poetry by David Toms published by Turas Press

“The nostalgia of the emigrant far from home is here coupled with an unrelenting realism in poems of clarity, vigour and beauty…work and politics, the sea, history and the present crowd this collection.”
William Wall

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Weight 115 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 13.8 × .75 cm


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