Gold Friend by Chris Murray
Gold Friend by Chris Murray
This is the second Turas Press collection from Chris Murray, eminent Irish poet and literary activist. This delicate and intriguing book is a profound meditation on the natural world, and the dynamic between human beings and this planet we share. Gold Friend by Chris Murray At a time when we are grappling with multiple, related challenges - living with climate change and pandemic - these poems remind us to celebrate, and care for, the natural world . "Murray's poetics call for a bond between the eye and the imagination...the acute perceptiveness of Murray's poetry, her empathetic and sensitive vision, is extended first to nature and then, very movingly, into a series of elegies."  Sean Hewitt, The Irish Times ISBN 978-1-913598-10-5
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Exposure front cover poem by Julie-ann Rowell
Exposure by Julie-ann Rowell
This is a finely-wrought, dramatic collection of poems woven from the landscape and folklore of the Orkney Islands, where Julie-ann Rowell used to live and still frequently visits. Exposure is the poet's homage to the landscape, culture and history of the archipelago.  Her personal response to this mysterious world imperceptibly draws the reader into reflections on contemporary social matters.  Includes 'Fata Morgana', Highly Commended in the Best Single Poem category, Forward Prize Awards 2020. Cover image by Lesley Murdoch ISBN 978-0-9957916-9-5 Click here to buy an ebook of Exposure  
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Northly poetry collection David Toms published by Turas Press
Northly by David Toms
ISBN 978-0-9957916-8-8 Northly is a haunting evocation of the culture and spirit of northern lands, especially Ireland and of Norway, his adopted home. The language is stark, precise and unexpectedly poignant, as the poet traces the ancient and contemporary pathways of the wanderer. Out of many strands of history, family and the contemporary world, the poet creates a beautiful tapestry of images and impressions that is both mysterious and compelling. Click here to buy ebook of Northly  
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DS Maolalai Sad Havoc Among the Birds published Turas Press Front cover
Sad Havoc Among the Birds by DS Maolalai
This is a beautifully-crafted, witty and sometimes sad exploration of the challenges of youth and contemporary life. Sad Havoc draws on the poet's memories, often viewed through the prism of his later experience of different countries and cultures. The poet's unique style, often playful, occasionally irreverent, is arresting in its evocation of the chaos, humour and the pathos of urban living.  ISBN 978-0-9957916-6-4    Click here to buy ebook of Sad Havoc Among the Birds  
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Poetry by Irish poet Eithne Lannon
Earth Music by Eithne Lannon
This compelling début collection is imbued with a profound sense of place, rooted in memory and history. The poet mines her own lived experience with a delicacy of language that is also muscular and engaging. Earth Music was short-listed for the 2020 Shine/Strong Poetry Award as part of dlr Mountains to Sea Book Festival. "One of the strengths of Eithne Lannon's impressive début collection, Earth Music, is the obvious relish with which she explores both the sensory imagination and the linguistic means to render the sensuous palpable."  David Butler, The Blue Nib, 2019 Cover image by Katie Boran ISBN 978-0-9957916-71 Click here to buy an ebook of Earth Music  
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Irish poetry Jo Burns Turas Press
White Horses by Jo Burns
In this remarkable début collection, the poet explores the legacy of growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and the impact of experiencing other countries and culture on her world view. These beautifully-crafted poems, which include a series giving voice to the lovers of Pablo Picasso, probe a diverse range of social and personal topics:  gender equality, motherhood, faith and social justice. Includes "The Cosmic Horseshoe," winning poem in the Magma Poetry Competition (Judges' Prize) 2018; and "Hard Borders," which won the New Irish Writing in Germany/Wild Word Award, 2018.

ISBN: 978-0-9957916-5-7

Cover image by Michael Burns Click here to buy an ebook of White Horses
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bind experimental poetry
bind by Christine Murray
ISBN: 978-0-9957916-4-0 bind:  a waking book is a daring, experimental meditation on the natural world throughout the year, in the course of a single day, from day-break to dusk. The poet's magical, mysterious lines draw the reader into an interior world conveyed by delicate, startling images. These are not separate poems but rather, a single, book-length poem set out in fragments that are bound together by the poet's unique sensibility and her intriguing use of punctuation and space. Cover image by Salma Caller Click here to buy ebook of bind  
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Historical novel set in 16th century Spain, the era of John of the Cross and the Spanish Inquisition
Canticle Liz McSkeane
ISBN: 978-0-9957916-3-3 Historical novel set in Renaissance Spain, based on the life of the Spanish mystic poet, St. John of the Cross.  "A formidable feat of imagination underpins this marvellous detective novel set in late 16th/early 17th century Spain...Canticle is a tale for our time, rife with insitutionalised power struggles, truth and misinformation, manipulated in the interests of the elite - same as it always was and is."  Anthony Glavin, The Independent Canticle was a winner in the Irish Writers' Centre/Greenbean Novel Fair, 2016. Cover image by Jordi Forniés  
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Crunch by Anamaría Crowe Serrano, Turas Press, 2018
Crunch by Anamaría Crowe Serrano, Turas Press, 2018
[caption id="attachment_650" align="alignnone" width="169"] ISBN 978-0-9957916-2-6 [/caption] Anamaría Crowe Serrano's remarkable experimental work pushes the boundaries of the poetic form in ways that invigorate and challenge readers to accompany her as she guides us through this garden of delights. With alternating pitch-perfect insight, deadpan humour and wit, Crunch revives old myths and breathes new life into deeply philosophical themes – the dynamics of knowledge and power, the nature of the self. A daring and exciting work. Click here to buy ebook of Crunch
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Innovative Irish poetry Ross Hattaway, poetry,TurasPress
How to Sleep with Strangers, Ross Hattaway, Dublin:Turas Press 2017.
ISBN 978-0-9957916-1-9 These are innovative, contemporary poems that both entertain, and challenge readers to examine assumptions and stereotypes. Hattaway's laconic and playful tone often lulls the reader into a false sense of security, until he expertly delivers the incisive line or phrase that stops us in our tracks. Funny, often poignant, always compelling, How to Sleep with Strangers is a triumph of wit and wisdom. Cover Image by Paul Hattaway Click here to buy Kindle edition of How to Sleep with Strangers    
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Snow at the Opera House, Liz McSkeane
Snow at the Opera House, Liz McSkeane, Dublin: New Island, 2002
ISBN 1-902602-93-5 Irish poetry with an international flavour.  
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contemporary Irish poetry by Liz McSkeane
So Long, Calypso, by Liz McSkeane, Dublin: Turas Press, 2017
The conversational tone of many of the poems in this collection belies the subtle craft that underlies and unifies disparate themes. So Long, Calypso is peopled by a cast of characters recognisable from ancient history and myth, from recent history and from contemporary culture. The musings of these various personae are by turns reflective and urgent, their concerns social and political, as well as deeply engage with navigating the challenges of different stages of life. “ ISBN 978-0-9957916-0-2 Click here to buy ebook of So Long, Calypso  
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