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Quarantena by Nina Karacosta


ISBN 978-1-913598-14-3

Quarantena is an intriguing meditation on the 50 days of the Paris lockdown, from March – May 2020. The collection is composed of 50 poems, one for every day, and reflect the practical, emotional and psychological journey of the writer through that strange time, as well as the wider social roots and impact of the experience. It is a profound reflection on a time which is perhaps one of the strangest we have lived through.



“Nina Karacosta beautifully records the eeriness of lockdown as experienced in a densely populated district of Paris – the bottomless dive into oneself and the weirder depths of the imagination even as you try to keep your sanity, the importance of the prosaic details that structure and prove the indispensable to survival, the sense of yourself expanding to fill the emptiness of a whole lost world of human activity.”

Anne Ortiz Talvaz


“In Quarantena, Nina Karacosta’s verse journal of fifty days of lockdown in a ‘city of masks’, the poet’s fine perception is directed onto those things we generally take for granted. Under such close scrutiny the everyday acquires a hallucinatory quality, so that ‘the lamp stalks me in the house’. In the disturbing reality of a city under quarantine, identify itself comes under threat, until we all might ask, with Karacosta, ‘is a clown the face seen or the face hidden?’ ”

David Butler

Book cover Quarantena by Nina Karacosta

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