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Secret Poets by Darren Donohue


Secret Poets cover Darren DonohueISBN: 978-1-913598-30-3           74 pages         

April 2022

“Wry, witty and surreal, the poems in Darren Donohue’s first collection demonstrate a confidence rare in début poets. Cosmopolitan in his sensibilities and attuned to the complexities of Irish and international history, Donohue is an heir to greats such as Matthew Sweeney; poets who challenge us to look outside our narrow selves, and glimpse the world through fresh eyes.” Jessica Traynor



“A strong collection showcasing years of work with experiences of illness and respite, belief and questioning, mixed with shots of surrealism – crocodiles in hospitals and Philip Larkin taking selfies. I, for one, am glad that Donohue’s work is now out there and he is no longer a secret poet.” Simon Lewis

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