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“So Long, Calypso,” by Liz McSkeane, Dublin: Turas Press, 2017


ISBN 978-0-9957916-0-2

Contemporary Irish poetry: third collection from award-winning poet and novelist, Liz McSkeane.

“In poems of both expressive energy and technical skill, she lays bare an underlying order that most of the time we only guess at….Hard-won insights here, compassion and a measure of clear-eyed joy, sustained and framed for us in humane, beautifully-achieved poems.”

Paula Meehan



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“Empathetic, unsettling and engaging – it is rare to read any book, be it fiction or poetry, that deals so scrupulously and wisely with the subjects of age and ageing. Yet Liz McSkeane’s humility of attention and her brilliant sense of form…sharpen and shape the perception of the speakers that inhabit “So Long, Calypso”…a highly readable, disarming and generous book of poems.” 

David Morley



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