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Tiger Moth by Róisín Tierney


ISBN: 9781913598334      85 pages

April, 2022

“These unsettling, dark lyrics have a wonderful verbal energy; a mythic imagination. Snowberries have a ‘pale gleam’, a ‘halo’, a texturTiger Moth by Roisin Tierney front covere like ‘a mortician gently filling a bruise.’ Insects and birds come as harbingers, as though from another world, and are both read as symbols and also dexterous in their evasion of the speaker’s quest for applied meaning. Through a careful balancing, Tierney manages to chart the mind’s search for significance with poems seeking similarities between the natural world and the traumas of human life.” Seán Hewitt, The Irish Times



“There are poems in Tiger Moth that attend to the natural world with a close, exacting sensibility; others bring a fine, lyric vitality to narratives of childhood and elegies for a sister – a looking back that is clear-eyed, loving, unsentimental, and redemptive.” Greta Stoddart

Tiger Moth Boxes of books“These are virtuosic musings from a life shared in foreign cultures; what is gained through leaving our origins, and newly observed when we return…There is a special creativity on display here, an alchemy that lifts the collection into the stratosphere of a previously unreachable imagination.” Luke Morgan, Skylight47 

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