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White Horses by Jo Burns


In this remarkable début collection, the poet explores the legacy of growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, and the impact of experiencing other countries and culture on her world view. These beautifully-crafted poems, which include a series giving voice to the lovers of Pablo Picasso, probe a diverse range of social and personal topics:  gender equality, motherhood, faith and social justice. Includes “The Cosmic Horseshoe,” winning poem in the Magma Poetry Competition (Judges’ Prize) 2018; and “Hard Borders,” which won the New Irish Writing in Germany/Wild Word Award, 2018.

ISBN: 978-0-9957916-5-7

Cover image by Michael Burns

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Hard Borders by Jo Burns    “To read Jo Burns’ poems, is to feel exhilarated and enthralled. She makes bold, unexpected leaps with language, able to mine history and place with authentic poignancy. This collection will move you, and excite too, as Burns explores the spectacular and the strange, gifting us with vivid poems to be savoured. Poetry has a new, accomplished and necessary voice”. Rebecca Goss

White Horses draws on a heritage of ethics and strong-mindedness that extends worldwide, through Germany and Europe to post-colonial Africa and the Himalayas, from the patriarchal and biblical past to a future where reason and the heart lie down together”. Harry Clifton 


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