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In Irish and Scottish Gaelic, “turas” means “journey.” Turas Press was founded in May 2017 to support writers of poetry and fiction in launching their work into the world and finding an audience.  

Gold Friend by Chris Murray

Turas Press is currently engaged in the publication of our 2020 list.

  • A new collection from Chris Murray, “Gold Friend” was published on September 8th, 2020.  This is Chris’s second collection with Turas Press – her readers will recall her beautiful ‘waking book’ “bind” which came out in 2018. 

At a time when we are grappling with multiple, related challenges – living with climate change and pandemic – these poems remind us to celebrate, and care for, the natural world . Lucy Collins says this of “Gold Friend”

“As well as bearing witness to the strange beauty of the natural world, these innovative poems testify to the remarkable intensity of human perception. They deserve our closest attention.”

  • Fiona Perry’s début collection,”Alchemy” was released on October 7th. 

Anne Casey describes “Alchemy” as a “richly-hued, alternative universe” that “abounds with magical transformations…a heady elixir of sublime poetry and captivating story-telling.” 

  • Nina Karacosta’s intriguing new book, “Quarantena” consists of 50 poems written during 50 days of the COVID 19 lock-down in Paris, where Nina lives.

David Butler describes this intriguing collection thus: “The poet’s fine perception is directed onto those things we generally take for granted – shopping trips, recipes, childhood memories, the tree outside the window, the words we use. Under such close scrutiny the everyday acquires a hallucinatory quality…”

“Quarantena” will be released in November 7th and is now available for pre-order from our online shop here  

“Gold Friend” and “Alchemy” are now available in selected independent bookstores and from our online shop here. To request review copies, contact us here.

As we are, of course, not able to hold face-to-face book launches at this time, Turas Press, with the collaboration of friends of “Gold Friend,” created a multi-media digital montage to celebrate the release of “Gold Friend”. You can view this 30-minute video on our new YouTube channel

A similar montage to mark the release of “Alchemy,” created by Jack Kane, may be viewed by clicking here