Welcome to Turas Press, an independent, Dublin-based publisher dedicated to bringing contemporary poetry and literary fiction to Irish and international readers.

In Irish and Scottish Gaelic, “turas” means “journey.” Turas Press was founded in May 2017 to support writers of poetry and fiction in launching their work into the world, and to make innovative writing accessible to readers who are passionate about literature.  

As little by litte, the days grow longer, we are looking ahead to the coming year, in anticipation of our new list. Three new publications are scheduled for the first half of 2021:   

In the Dark novel by Anamaria Crowe Serrano     Anamaría Crowe Serrano’s Spanish Civil War novel, In The Dark

     Ross Hattaway’s fourth poetry collection, Plain

     Liz McSkeane’s fourth poetry collection, Learning  to Tango

All three books are available for pre-order from our online shop.      To request review copies, email us here

A note to our readers buying books online, especially in the UK,  Europe and beyond: some deliveries are taking longer than usual, so if your book does not arrive as expected, it might be due to erratic postal services in some countries at busy times. Do send us an email if you are concerned. 


Here at Turas Press, we are looking forward connecting with our readers and writers by bringing our contemporary poetry and literary fiction to you in new ways during 2021, and beyond.